Dr. Max Narrates The Spiritual Trauma Women Feel After An Abortion

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Twitter influencer and self acclaimed clairvoyant, Dr. Max (@maxyvashia), shared spiritual insight on the consequences of having an abortion.

In his thread, he details the spiritual trauma that women (specifically women who live alone) who have had abortions go through before they find redemption.


He claims they begin to see and hear the voices of babies that are not there and see them in mirrors. According to him, if the abortion was carried out for selfish reasons, even death would not save her from the accusatory voices and spirits of these aborted children.

However, he makes it clear that these accusatory spirits are not the souls of the babies that were aborted. He believes that they are a product of the woman’s guilt. But she can nevertheless carry them with her for thousands of years in her sojourn of the spiritual realms of the afterlife.

He stated that redemption is won, only when the woman begins to feel motherly towards these spirits. Unfortunately, this whole process could take hundreds to thousands of years, he states.

The attribution of  spiritual consequences to abortions has been one of the reasons the Nigerian society rejects the concept so vehemently. It is however ironic that the abortion rate in the country is still very high.

Nevertheless, the spiritual implication of having an abortion, is merely an extension of the physical consequences women have to endure in the Nigerian society.

Unsafe abortion practices have endangered the lives and health of many women till date and the societal stigma attached to abortions is torturous enough for them.

For many impressionable women, however, all of these physical and social ordeals pale in comparison to the spiritual consequences which can be described by the skeptical mind as tales of doom, created to dissuade more young women from making the choice to terminate a pregnancy that they may not want, need or be prepared for.

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