“Them don rip us” – Portable says after getting sprayed fake notes

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Controversial musician, Portable has complained that he was sprayed fake notes in Lagos.

He said in a trending Snapchat video that the incident occurred at a show held on February 18.

The street-pop artist in the video laments in Yoruba language while raining insults on those who sprayed him the fake naira notes.

He says:

Them dey spray superstar Doree, you know how much I worth? Ogun k!ll your generation.

However, a contradictory story followed, leading Nigerians to believe that the spraying of the fake naira notes was intentional by the shoe organizers to avoid defacing the actual Naira notes

A Twitter user, @adedejiii_ said that:

I sprayed this guy half the notes he’s holding and he was meant to redeem them for money because the organizers of the event didn’t want people spraying the Naira and defacing it.

He said he didn’t want to be ripped so he went home with the notes after constituting a nuisance.

It appears after all that Portable’s complaint is a public stunt and an attempt to trend.

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