This country Is rich but the leaders are wasteful -Peter Obi


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The former governor of Anambra state, Peter Obi, has complained bitterly about the economic  challenges  in the country.

Governor Peter Obi laid blame on the public office holders stating that the reckless spending by these people on frivolities and expensive lifestyles is causing poverty to the citizens of the economy as most of the nation’s finance is used in the funding of this lifestyle.

Peter Obi also expressed his view on how the states could survive by generating money and also saving money from the state’s income.

Speaking on the Platform organized by Covenant Christian center,  Obi charged Nigerians to stop celebrating criminality, adding that there is enough money for the development of Nigeria.

The Ex-governor,  who spoke on Cutting  cost in goverance, said he saved over 75 billion for Anambra state.The money was deposited in different banks where he had $50 million and $7billion in Access bank, $55million and $10billion in Fidelity bank, and $155.4million in Diamond bank.

Concerning the need to borrow money to boost the economy,  One said “There is nothing wrong with borrowing. The crisis we are facing is that we do not know what we are using the money we are borrowing for. ”

“Nigeria can make good use of the money if the leaders reduce spending, and do away with the unconstitutional office of the first lady. We should also reduce Governor’s cars to two, instead of six bullet proof cars, reduce government jeeps instead of 25 jeeps. ”

Peter Obi who talked about his time in government, complained about the excessive number of people assigned to him for duties, he recalled on an occasion he went to Abuja with his contingent and the trip engulfed N10million, in order to reduce cost, he decided to limit the number of people embarking on such trips.

He rounded up by encouraging the government to take to his opinion so as to enable the country come out of recession  through proper management of finances.

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