This is not about religion; it is about humanity – By Femi Fani-Kayode

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Those that are bombing and killing the women and children of Gaza are worse than the animals that attacked and butchered the women and children of Israel on Oct 7th.

And I daresay that anyone that supports, encourages, endorses or supports what is going on in Gaza is a beast.

In their desire and attempt to crush a beast called Hamas, the Israelis themselves have become beasts and, as one who has always supported the Jewish state, this breaks my heart.

I am not anti-semitic or anti-Jewish. I am however anti-genocide, anti-mass murder and anti-ethnic cleansing.

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I am also anti-Zionism which I consider to be nothing more than a hateful, dangerous, radical and racist philosophy that denies the right of other races to exist as equals, that reiterates the fallacy of Jewish religious and racial superiority, that endorses and  implements the old white South African system of apartheid and that seeks to either eliminate or displace every single Palestinan in Gaza and the West Bank or turn them into submissive and hopeless slaves.

Any group of people, whether they be Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the armed, militant and extremist right wing Jewish settlers or the Israeli Defence Force, that slaughters innocent people including women and children, in my view, are cold blooded murderers, genocidal maniacs and savage beasts and I make no apology for saying so.

I have loved and supported Israel all my life and I reiterate and reaffirm my view that she has a right to exist in peace and to defend herself when attacked.

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I believe that the Palestinians (not Hamas), who are made up of both Muslims and Christians, have the same right.

What neither have is the right to deny the other the right to exist, to seek to exterminate the other or to subject one other to elimination, liquidation, wickedness, barbarity and terrorism.

The duty of both is to seek to live in perfect and harmony with one another in the framework of a two state solution.

What Israel particularly does not have is the right to do what she is doing in Gaza today which is to unleash and perpetuate the greatest war crimes and crimes against humanity in the last 50 years and the most heinous and graphic example of a full-fledged and blood curdling holocaust since WW11 against innocent and defenceless people, 68% of whom are women and children, out of rage, the thirst for vengeance and the lust for Palestinian blood.

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Kill as many Hamas terrorists as you want and the world will applaud you for it but do NOT target and kill innocent Palestinian women and children. That is beyond the pale, it crosses the red line and it is barbaric.

It is the sort of thing that we can expect from Adolf Hitler, King Leopold 11 of Belgium, Josef Stalin, Genghis Khan, Vlad the Impaler and their followers but not from the democratic State of Isrsel.

If saying this makes me anti-Jewish or anti-semitic then so be it.

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I would rather be accused of that than be accused of being a supporter and enabler of genocide, mass murder and ethnic cleansing.

I did not deny the first holocaust when six million Jews were butchered by the German Nazis. Why then would anyone expect me to deny the second which is taking place in Gaza where 14,000 and still counting innocent and defenceless Palestinians are being butchered by an Israeli state that is no longer being controlled by level headed, reasonable, right-thinking, rational and moderate Jews but is now in the hands of Nazi-like Zionists whose sole purpose is to kill or displace every single Palestinian in Gaza and the West Bank.

*Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, the Sadaukin Shinkafi and the Wakilin Doka Potiskum, is a lawyer and the former Minister of Culture and Tourism and former Minister of Aviation of Nigeria

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