This Is The Name That Annoys Me The Most, Don’t Ever Call Me That – Obasanjo

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A former president of the country, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has revealed the name that annoys him the most stating that he gets angy whenever he is addressed by it.

The former president made this known while speaking at an event organised by the Nigerian Society of Engineers, NSE, in his honor.

Obasanjo at the event revealed that his parents chose to name him Matthew which means a tax collector and as he is no tax collector, the name angers him.

The former president further added that he dropped the name from his names based on the conduct of the biblical character.

He said: “When I was born, my mother and father decided to name me Matthew. I grew up being called and addressed Matthew. What is the meaning of Matthew in the Bible? He was a tax collector.

“So, when I grew up, I dropped Matthew from my name. If anyone does not want to see my eyes red, no one should call me Matthew again. People ask, what is in a name? For me, there is so much in a name.”

He added: “A doctor’s mistake often leads to the death of one patient.

“A lawyer’s mistake leads to the client going to jail. But if an engineer makes a mistake that leads to the collapse of a bridge or house, many people would lose their lives.

“That is why engineers must be very careful and must be efficient not to allow mistakes to be made.”

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