This Man Died Because a Store ran out of his favourite Beer

Tony Abu Momoh
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This Man Died Because a Store ran Out of His favourite Beer

How much do you love your Beer? How far will you go to prove your loyalty to that brand of satisfying liquid you can never get tired of? This man from Zimbabwe could not bear to live without his beer as he collapsed and died on hearing that a store had run out of his favourite liquid-  Ingwebu Opaque Beer.

90-year-old Ntumbu Ndlovu, around 5pm, headed for his niece’s house within the vicinity of his own home in Hungwe village to collect his groceries which he had left there earlier, according to reports from Zimbabwean local media.

On his way however, the beer lover decided to pay a conjugal visit to his favourite drink by ordering for a bottle at a store before he got to his niece’s home.

He was however met with disappointment when he was told ‘there is no beer’. He left the shop deeply disappointed and collapsed and died 50 metres from the entrance of the shop.

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Speaking to local media, a member of the deceased’s family, Ethel Tshuma, said the 90 yr old was a habitual drinker, who loved ingwebu  brand of opaque beer and had no health problems except for the fact that he was well advanced in age.

“Ndlovu got to Cingo Business Center on his way to Sithandekile Tshuma’s homestead, his niece. He passed by the shops to buy beer but discovered that the shop keeper did not have it in stock. He left the shop in a rush but collapsed and died about 50 meters from the entrance.

He was advanced in age but he was still physically fit and could do a number of household duties without much difficulty. He loved to walk to the shops, buy a beer and walk back home and drink it under a shade”, she said.

Tshuma further revealed that the shopkeeper did not notice the old man laying face down until a villager passed by and raised an alarm that attracted passersby.

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