Those who say Buhari has not performed in first term are willfully blind – Femi Adesina


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The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, has disagreed with insinuations that President Muhammadu Buhari performed woefully in his first term in office.

In an interview published by The Sun on Thursday, Adesina said that Buhari has successfully set Nigeria on a  trajectory that “will lead…to a better place”.

The presidential aide said that this was reflected in many infrastructural projects scattered across the length and breadth of the federation.

However, he said that anyone was free to believe what they liked about the president.

He said:

If anybody chooses not to believe that President Buhari performed well in the first four years, there is no way you can convince him. There is a saying that, for those who believe, no explanation is necessary. But, for those who don’t believe, no explanation is possible, because, if somebody has chosen to be willfully blind, if you put something in front of his eyes, he will say he didn’t see it. If somebody decides to be willfully deaf, begin to ring bells in his ears, he will say he didn’t hear. So, if anybody has decided that President Buhari has not done anything, there is nothing anybody can say. But for those who believe, they will see roads across the country and airports round the country; they will see strides in agriculture, food self-sufficiency –we are not importing rice again –they will see advances against corruption. There was a time they told us that stealing was not corruption; now, in Nigeria, any form of stealing is corruption. There are many things the president has achieved. For those who believe, we don’t need to keep trumpeting them again –they know that Nigeria is not the way it used to be.

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