Three Great tips to Consider before Marriage

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Marriage is a socially or ritually recognized union between spouses that establishes rights between them.

The definition of marriage varies according to different cultures but it is principally an institution in which interpersonal and sexual relationships are acknowledged.

Most people enter into marriage with a lot of expectations, forgetting that all marriages are not the same.

So before you say “I Do”, make sure you have at least considered these:



Ability to Compromise
In marriage, there are subtle changes that most people make in their lives in order to make the spouse happy.
The ability to compromise so as to meet each other half way is of great importance in marriage and should be considered before saying I do.

A typical example is a man who loves football games at the bar most nights, during the course of marriage, when it becomes an issue, he attends to adjust but not rule it off entirely.

This is necessary so as to accommodate the wife’s decision as well as keep himself happy but if she insists he gives up the sport entirely, this might lead to a resentful attitude towards her which will destroy the home.

Money is very important in a marriage because this will determine the success of the relationship. Without money, couples and children are affected.

Although money is not everything in a relationship, money could make or unmake a relationship. Money is very important to people especially to couples. Many relationships have failed and died a natural death because of money. Although we hate to admit it, money is often times the root of all the problems in a relationship.

When the family’s financial status becomes unstable, the relationship of couples is affected. What is worse, the kids often are the worst affected especially when they are still going to school. If money is the problem, kids are sometimes transferred to cheaper schools.

The other needs are controlled and sometimes the quantity and quality of food is reduced. Extra expenses are cut off and only the necessities are provided.

Having the same religious and spiritual beliefs are part of criteria many people use when seeking a marriage partner. They feel strongly that the person they are going to marry should have the same traditions and customs, and intensity of belief as they themselves do.

For them, it is an integral part of marriage. When something is so important to a spouse that it takes precedence over the other spouse’s feelings, the marriage is in trouble

Religion is no exception. If the believer ignores the feelings of his or her spouse to follow the religious teaching, the marriage will become the victim of conversion.

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