Tinubu Warns Afenifere Against Displaying “Anarchical Emotions”

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National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has warned Afenifere spokesman, Yinka Odumakin, over his response to his comment on establishing grazing reserves to end herdsmen crisis in Nigeria.

Speaking at a national conflict resolution seminar organised by The Nation newspaper and TV Continental in Abuja on Monday, Tinubu had urged the Federal Government to take over unoccupied and isolated land in the country and convert them to grazing reserves as a solution to the incessant clashes between farmers and herdsmen.

But Odumakin, while responding to Tinubu’s suggestion in a statement he signed on behalf of Afenifere on Tuesday, accused Tinubu of playing politics with the lives of Nigerians, saying his suggestion was backward for modern-day Nigeria.

He said that the former Lagos governor’s suggestion resembled a tacit support for the move by the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association to get the Federal Government to convert the whole country to a cattle colony.

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However, Tinubu in a Wednesday statement through his spokesman, Tunde Rahman, accused Odumakin of suffering from selective comprehension.

He said that Odumakin should have read his full submission on the matter before going on to display “anarchical emotions” over a matter he did not understand.

Tinubu said Odumakin “needs a cure for his seeming selective comprehension”.,

The statement further read, “Asiwaju Tinubu did not mention South-West in particular and what he said had a context to it: ‘Unoccupied, isolated land can quickly be turned into grazing areas in the affected states’.

“It is not only some states in the South-West that are affected but several states across the country. Why Odumakin suddenly gets hot under the collar may not be far-fetched.

“The usual frenzy and self-righteous mentality he portrays is on full display. Perhaps next time, he should read through the whole submission and caution himself from self-righteousness and displaying in full glare anarchical emotions.

“And if Odumakin’s delusion still allows him to read, perhaps a read through of the full chunk of what was said by Tinubu at the summit will educate him better.”



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