Buhari Critic Toni Kan bows to pressure, Rejects appointment by Humanitarian Minister, Sadiya Farouq

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Following the online protest that rocked the streets of social media over the appointment of Toni Kan as the Spokesperson for Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, Sadiya Umar Farouq, Toni Kan has rejected the appointment.

Loyal members of the All Progressive Congress (APC) took to Twitter to lament the incredibility of Toni Kan who has authored several articles criticizing the Buhari-led administration in the past.

Aggrieved Buhari supporters said Toni Kan could not be trusted to work for the administration he has so much attacked.

Some went as far as saying he would be a mole in the administration who may leak classified documents to the general public in an attempt to sabotage the leadership

Toni Kan who could no longer handle the outcry has deemed it fit to reject his appointment.

He tweeted;

At the behest of HM @Sadiya_farouq    @fmhdsd, in the wake of the outcry on twitter over my engagement as Media Consultant I wish to decline the position of Spokesperson. I thank her for the opportunity and wish the ministry all the best.

Toni Kan tweet

Here are some of the reactions that greeted his tweet.


Thank you too, for getting off our space. You knew you were a misfit and unwanted from get-go! Now we can breathe easy without looking over our shoulders cos of youWoman facepalming

Thank you Oga Tony. You may need to embark On Integrity and Loyalty course to boost your CV against any possible chance in future. For now we’re sorry. Wish you Goodluck.
Gd riddance to bad rubbish! Bye Felicia. ! Go and do your pr consulting for Atiku and peter obi!
At last! Thank God! @MBuhari shall succeed irrespective of the numbers of moles and saboteurs currently in his government. Those moles currently leaking documents should be fished out and prosecuted according to the laws of the land.
That is the only option, if you know the forces that rallied against you you would have known their is no way the Minister can keep you on that job. Go back to your PR firm and continue your work of abusing Buhari.

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