Tragedy as Hippos Kill Local Fisherman, Tourist in Kenya While Taking Pictures

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Tragedy as Hippos Kill Local Fisherman, Tourist in Kenya While Taking Pictures

Tragedy has struck in Kenya as a local fisherman as well as a Chinese tourist was killed by Hippos in Kenya’s rift valley region.

According to reports, a 66 year old Chinese Tourist Chang Ming Chuang was fatally bitten by a Hippo on Saturday evening as he was taking photos of hippos near Lake Naivasha.

According to a statement by the Kenyan Wildlife Service, Chang had moved to close to the Hippo which suddenly turned on the tourist and snapped at his chest.

Another tourist who accompanied Chang in taking pictures, Wu Peng Te, 62, was also attacked, although he only suffered bruises and was treated at a local hospital after which he was released.

The Hippo maulings occurred hours after a local fisherman was attacked by another group of Hippos just miles away in the same area, according to Wildlife officials.


According to Rift Valley criminal investigations Chief Gideon Kibunja, “The fisherman was also bitten on the chest. His injuries were serious and he died minutes after he was retrieved from the lake.”

Kenyan Wildlife service announced the attacks through its twitter account,

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@kwskenya is sad to announce the death of a #Chinese tourist who was attacked by a #hippo while taking pictures on the shores of Lake Naivasha yesterday evening. His colleague survived with minor bruises and was treated at #Naivasha District Hospital. We are tracking the hippo”

It continued further later in the day,

#Chinese #tourist Chang Ming Chuang, 66, was pronounced dead on arrival at the #Naivasa District Hospital after being attacked by a hippo while Wu Peng Te, 62, survived the tragic encounter and is recuperating at Lake Naivasha Sopa Resort. We are tracking the #hippo

Kenyan Wildlife service confirmed that different hippos were responsible for both attacks. Officials also confirmed that there have now been six fatal hippo attacks at Lake Naivasha alone this year.

A boat association owner revealed that hippos are particularly dangerous this season because rising waters from the rains have forced the animals to seek for new pasture areas thereby bringing them closer to humans.  As such Hippos and lone water buffalo pose the highest risk to people in the area.

Hippos are known to kill more people than Lions in a year and it is often not advisable to go close to one as they are known to be territorial and prone to flashes of aggression.


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