Two Employees Sell Six Company Trucks For N20m


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Two workers in a Chinese company in Ibadan were arrested after stealing six trucks and a Toyota Camry from the company and taking them to sell in Kaduna for N20m.

The Oyo State Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Odude, stated that Wang Shou Bo, the Chief Executive Officer of the company informed the police force about the theft of the trucks and a Toyota Camry.

“Following a petition by the company’s CEO, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the command was mandated to carry out a discreet investigation into the robbery.

“The company’s employees, Saheed Olaronbi, 27, and Abdulkareem Yusuf, 35, were arrested in Edo State while Ibrahim Babankulu was arrested in Abuja.

“Saheed and Yusuf sold the trucks to him for N20m.”

Babankulu revealed that he was approached by the two men who were selling the trucks at N4m each and he purchased five from them.

One of the suspects, Olaronbi confessed to planning with Yusuf to steal the six trucks and the car when their bosses were not around.

He was a mechanic at the company.

“We sold five of the trucks to Babankulu in Kaduna for N20m. The sixth truck developed a fault on the road. I was given N10m from the sale and it is still in my bank account. My friend bought a car from his own share of the deal,” he said.

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