U.S. based Nigerian Group Pledges $4bn investments to resuscitate Nigerian Economy

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The Nigerian American Business Forum (NABF), a group of U.S-Based accomplished Nigerian professionals, has announced plans to attract an estimated four billion dollars investment into the Nigerian economy in the next two years.

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The President of the forum, Mr Kenneth Shobola, in a statement on Monday in Abuja, said the forum announced the plan at its 2020 Investment Conference in Florida.

The theme of the conference according to him is “Improving Nigeria’s Economy: opportunities and challenges”.

Shobola expressed determination of the group to use its wealth of experience and connections to attract development to their fatherland in spite of obvious investment challenges.

“Our goal remains the same; we are attracting a four billion dollars investment over a two-year period. We have already identified some areas where there’s deficiencies such as healthcare, agriculture and education.

“We have been doing quite a lot. Privately a lot of our members are making inroads into those numbers and also corporately, we are already working and also looking at very good viable projects in Nigeria.

“Should things go the way we want, with the plans we have in place, exiting this conference, a huge chunk of that four billion dollars investment would definitely be hit before our next conference,” he said.

Shobola said Nigeria was one of the best and most fertile countries to invest in anywhere in the world.
He said that there were many opportunities Nigeria that investors would probably not see in the US, adding that if properly harnessed, would provide the desired results.

According to him, there are opportunities to stem the scourge of medical tourism by looking at dilapidated hospitals or healthcare establishments that need restructuring and administrative services in addition to bringing experts in to run such facilities the way they were done in the U.S.

“NABF is looking at establishing and integrating the most current diagnostics techniques and treatments options based on the expertise we have here in the U.S.

“There are some experts such as cardiologists, neurologists, ophthalmologist, surgical interventionists in the areas of cancer, diabetes and a lot of the common diseases that tend to plague our people,” he added.

Shobola said that the undesirable level of youth unemployment in Nigeria was one of the issues pushes NABF to invest in the country.

He added that NABF’s overall goal was to get to 100 per cent of youth employment.

According to him, just look at the Nigerians here, they sing our praises everywhere we go just because we have the opportunities and those opportunities showcase our talents.

“But Nigerians at home have the education but don’t have the opportunities. This is creating a very dangerous condition,” the NABF President said.

“Combating youth employment is a tall order but believed that the diasporas intervening along complementing the efforts of government and the private sector in Nigeria would make the desired difference.

“We just put ourselves in these kids condition. There is a huge problem, intellectual gaps between Nigerians abroad and those at the homeland.

“That is a big challenge for us because as Nigerians here, we can identify with them because we went through that same system.

“The conference was attended by accomplished investors from all over the world and high level Nigerian government officials in the United States,” he said.

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