Uche Ogbodo Defends Producer Adanma Luke Amid Tragic Incident on Movie Set

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Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo has come to the defense of producer Adanma Luke following the tragic incident on the set of her movie, ‘The Other Side of Life,’ where actor Junior Pope and three others lost their lives in a boat accident.

Luke has faced criticism for allegedly not providing life jackets for the cast and crew during the shoot, leading to accusations of negligence.

However, Ogbodo took to her Instagram to show support for Luke, asserting that the producer is not careless and emphasizing that mistakes can occur even on Hollywood sets.

The exchange occurred on Ogbodo’s Instagram post featuring Luke, where she praised Luke’s strength and determination. In response to a comment warning Ogbodo against getting involved, she reiterated her support for Luke, stating that mistakes happen even in the most professional settings.

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