Underground Rapper Releases Diss Song Directed At Kanye West For “Attempt To Make Women’s Skirts Unisex” (Listen)

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Today is not a good day for GOOD Music boss, Kanye West, as rapper Lord Jamal has issued him a brand new diss track entitled, “Lift Up Your Skirt”. The track which is stirring a lot of controversy is directed at a new fashion trend started by Kanye West, which may or many not be based on ancient Scottish tradition but surprisingly features a man wearing a skirt (see image below).

A lot of other celebrities have embraced the trend, notably Vin Diesel, and Kanye West. Even Nigerian rapper Wizkid has embraced the trend.

Lord Jamar, known largely for his 90′s hip-hop glory as part of the group Brand Nubian and more recently for his forays into acting, dropped a song that has sent the hip-hop world spinning.

Wizkid has wrapped himself around the trend

Whilst some quarters are already calling the song homophobic, most Hip hop purists are wondering if there is no agenda to introduce homosexuality into mainstream hip-hop, citing Frank Ocean’s announcement as being bisexual to be a sign of the plot.


Some lyrics from the

Listen to the song here:

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