Unique Valentine’s Day Celebration Tips For Couples

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Unique Valentine's Day Celebration Tips For Couples

The much anticipated year Valentine’s Day is here, and a hard mission emerges for some couples, but not to worry, The HeraldNG has compiled for couples, unique ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.

Couples all over the world publicly express their love to each other by simply showing appreciation through romantic dinners, affectionate gifts, greeting cards and lot more. As a couple you needs to think of unique Valentine’s Day ideas to get a great party theme, then what to wear and specific things to do for such a day.You have to make it a special and more memorable day especially if its your first Valentine’s Day as an engaged couple.

Don’t think ti far, The HeraldNG has got you covered by compiling ideas specifically for couples for Valentine’s Day, see below;

Unique Valentine’s Day Celebration Tips For Couples

Breakfast In Bed

If your aim is to spend a lovely romantic quiet time with your partner on this special day, I believe breakfast in bed won’t be a bad idea. Thank God this year valentine’s day falls on a Sunday, therefore there won’t be any distraction or excuses whatsoever.

Unique Valentine's Day Celebration Tips For Couples
Breakfast In Bed

You can make your wife feel like the most adorable being on earth by coming up with this type of valentine’s day surprise. Breakfast in bed can be mind-blowing, in fact, it will leave a long lasting memory that will linger forever.

Prepare her favourite meal and dish it carefully in a plate and place it on a nice tray with a cup of hot tea or coffee, whichever she prefers the most and gently take it to her bedside while she is still asleep. Softly tap to wake her up and tenderly whispered Happy Valentine’s Day to her ear while placing the food on your lap to feed her. hun hun……didn’t it sound romantic for the moment.

Engage In An Indoor Game

This is another amazing way to celebrate valentine’s day. Surely, you will never go wrong by partaking in activities that bring a smile to your heart and an indoor game such as truth or dare, guess the song, ludo, WHOT, scrapple, chess, puzzle, ball race, tennis etc is one of the things that can make your valentine’s day memorable.

Unique Valentine's Day Celebration Tips For Couples
Unique Valentine’s Day Celebration Tips For Couples

Let’s not forget the idea behind valentine’s day, it is a day of sharing and receiving love from the most special person in our life. So participating in a game on this special day will bring a good amount of laughter and laughing together while having fun can make you happier and healthier. Games offer a lot more than just entertainment, It keeps your mind young, active and entertained.

So why don’t you dust off your board games and put them to use this valentine’s season? Remember, due to COVID-19 pandemic across the country the government may put restrictions to some social gathering in a public place which may include restaurant, bar, eateries, beach and many others. Consequently, indoor game can spice up that special day with long lasting memory.

Make It A Romantic Night

Many couples fail to realize the beauty of spending quality time together, all they do most times is focus solely on relationships neglecting other things that make up the union.

This is another season of love to make amends and help your partner unwind and ease up from the hustle and bustle of life with a homely surprise romantic night date. For a cosy night together, set the scene of the living room in a sparkling blue or red light without neglecting the fairy-tale candlelight.

Unique Valentine's Day Celebration Tips For Couples
Make It A Romantic Night

Think of how your favourite eateries create a romantic ambience and work the magic at home. Serve a home-cooked meal or order your favourite food and serve it all on elegant plates with water or champagne on ice to celebrate the night.

Make sure the part that leads to the romantic scene is adorned with petals flower to make it real and captivating with cool delightful music at the background to set the mood right. Sharing romantic and nostalgic moments can be a powerful way to reconnect, therefore don’t make this year valentine’s day slide.

Peradvanture you have kids that can spoil the moment, you can take them to your parent to spend the weekend or opt to serve them dinner early and put them to bed, so as to have a maximum non stop fun.

Look Romantic

Being a married woman does not mean you should not look sexy or hot for your husband. In fact, not only on valentine’s day but always. But talking about valentine’s day, it a very special day most especially among couples, so you need to dress up in your finest, look extreme captivating, take his/her breath away, let your partner see you and fall over the hill in love with you over and over again.

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Whatever the plan is, either you got reservations at a restaurant, going for a picnic or having a romantic dinner at home, dressing up and looking amazingly cute will make the occasion feel extra special. Most women love having the chance to get all dolled up, and you can both enjoy looking your best while spending time together.

A Spa Night Can Make The Day Special

This is one of the most romantic way to celebrate valentine’s day and also spice up your sex life. A spa night can help you and your partner enjoy the moment, gist about the past event and discuss about the future plan. Put together a Valentine’s Day spa date basket filled with special heart-shaped soaps and bath bombs, scented bath salts, and soft red or pink body sponges. Make your home as relaxing as possible with dimmed lights and soft music.

Give your bathroom a romantic spa vibe with flickering candles, glasses of wine, and heart-shaped chocolates by the side of the tub. Draw a hot bath filled with stress-reducing items, such as a few drops of lavender essential oil, and drop in a few rose petals for an extra Valentine’s Day touch. Offer a massage or foot rub with a scented exfoliating rub, a body oil, and a moisturizer to make that night a bang.

Give Special Gift

On this special day of sharing and receiving love, it is important to note here that it is not how big or expensive your gift is that count but the heart in which you gave the gift. Valentine’s day gift is one of the perfect way to remind the special people in our life how much they mean to us.

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Even when you are not financially bouyant, you can share a nearly free gift to show your appreciation to your partner and make the special day unforgettable. Take for instance, homemade card creatively crafted by you will have more meaning than a card from a store.

Use your own words to describe the person you are giving it to, you can go as far as creating a poem or a note of appreciation and add a little “copyrighted” symbol on the back of the card for fun.

Passionate Sex

To crown it all, after you must have done all the above mention, an erotic and passionate sex can finalized the whole process. Most times, sharing of love among couples without hot and spicy sex is not yet completed. So give it to them hot to finally marked the celebration as you both look forward to the upcoming year.

Valentine’s Day is meant for lovers to express love and love making is not an exception. Sex itself has an atmosphere of breeding oneness, love, intimacy, peace and tranquility among partners. In fact, the lovey-dovey stated above would have created a mood for sex to take place.

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In this regard, you can start from cudding, kissing, smooching to foreplay down to the top-notch, ensure you avoid whatsoever distration at this crucial point and make sure you make it memorable. Try different sex positions to intensify the action

Share Love With Others

During this annual season of love, you can extend the gesture of kindness to other people aside from your partner or loved ones by becoming someone secret valentine admirer. Valentine’s day celebration is not all about expressing romantic love but it is purely a nice gesticulation of kindness to brighten someone else’s day.

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Small acts of kindness in any form will not only make the day brighter for them, it will bring an unexpected smile to your heart. You can start by showing love for others by distributing Valentines gift to those who are less fortunate than you or who may be experiencing hardships.

You can show love to others by simply sharing cards, candy, clothes, food, leave Valentine’s messages at a shelter, deliver treats to a children’s hospital, or deliver Valentine’s meals to the homeless. This Day isn’t only about receiving love. It’s also about showing it.

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