Uriel Oputa Slams Critics Over Single Status, Says Marriage Isn’t For Everyone

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Big Brother Naija reality TV star and entrepreneur, Uriel Oputa, has fired back at critics questioning her single status, emphasizing that marriage is not an achievement and not for everyone. In an Instagram post, Uriel asserted that she feels no pressure from family or the public to get married, and doesn’t need social media validation to prove her relationship status.

She went on to say that posting about her partner or relationship is off-limits for her, and urged critics to focus on more important issues than age-shaming and marriage-shaming. Uriel’s message aims to promote self-acceptance and self-worth beyond societal expectations.

“Marriage isn’t for everyone. If you think marriage is an achievement, that’s on you. How do you know I’m not married? Do you think everyone needs validation from social media?”, Uriel wrote, reiterating her stance on keeping her personal life private.

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