Uriel Speaks Out on BBNaija All Stars Jury Twist: Feels Robbed and Disappointed

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In a candid revelation that has sent shockwaves through the BBNaija All Stars community, evicted housemate Uriel Oputa has shed light on her feelings regarding the controversial jury twist that led to her untimely exit from the show. Following her eviction, Uriel has expressed a sense of being robbed of her rightful place within the game, igniting conversations about the fairness of the jury’s role.


Uriel, known for her vibrant personality and candid demeanor, was evicted over the weekend after a surprising decision by the jury, consisting of Teddy A., Laycon, and Diane. This decision saved Seyi from elimination, ultimately leading to Uriel’s departure from the house. In the aftermath of her eviction, Uriel took the opportunity to share her perspective on the situation during an interview with Lajos FM.

Addressing her exit, Uriel voiced her sense of being robbed, asserting that her eviction did not align with the voting patterns. She highlighted the discrepancy between her contribution to the show’s content and her premature exit, emphasizing that she felt deserving of a longer stay within the BBNaija All Stars house.

Uriel further delved into her emotions, expressing regret over the outcome and the choices she had made during her journey. She acknowledged that Laycon, whom she had supported and campaigned for, did not reciprocate the same level of courtesy. Uriel’s disappointment emanated from feeling that her loyalty and efforts went unrecognized and unappreciated.

In her own words, Uriel stated, “Iโ€™m a very vocal person; I feel robbed; I feel that it wasnโ€™t my time, and I was done dirty.” Her candid admission echoes the sentiments of many viewers who have questioned the fairness of the jury twist and its impact on the housemates’ fates.

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