US President, Donald Trump Impeached for Abuse of Power


United States (US) President , Donald Trump has been impeached for abuse of power and obstruction of congress.

The impeachment is as a result of Trump seeking foreign interference from Ukraine to meddle in the country politics.

Findings revealed that Trump has been secretly mounting pressure on Ukraine to investigate his Democratic political rival, Joe Biden.

President Trump who was also impeached for Obstruction of Congress was found guilty of intentionally withholding relevant information from the impeachment inquiry.  He refused to disclose documentary evidence and forbade his aides from testifying.

230 Democrats voted that he was guilty of abuse of power while 197 Republicans voted to absolve him of the charge.

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However, Trump’s impeachment does not mean he is vacating the White House immediately as opposed to Nigeria where the President instantly bids the presidency farewell.

The impeached US President will stand trial before the Senate where his fate will be decided. The trial begins in January.

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