Use your gifts in church – Mount Zion founder urges church-bred secular artists

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Founder of the Mount Zion Christian drama ministry, Pastor Mike Bamiloye, has asked that all Nigerian artists whose gifts originated from the church to quit doing secular activities and return back to their origins – the church.

Mike who made the statement through his official Instagram page, iterated that these set of individuals needed to understand that Jesus Christ gave them the gifts and using it for secular songs meant that they now use it for the devil.

He wrote, “ All of you Gifted and talented in Music, Acting, Instruments, whom the Lord raised up from inside the church, to be useful for him, but have abandoned the Lord who raised you, and have begun to sing for the clubs and the world, I plead with you to come back to your source. How can you receive a gift from the lord and hand it over to the devil?”

Use your gifts in church – Mount Zion founder urges church-bred secular artists

In another post, Mike mentioned that reasons such as not being paid well in the church were not a ground to leave the church.

He stated, “ You have no reasons whatever to leave Jesus Christ to sing for the world. It was not the church that gave you the gifts, it was Jesus. And it is not the church you will give account of stewardship to, but Jesus.”

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