Various Ways To Achieve Good Governance in Nigeria – By Oluwatoyin Hawal Momolosho

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It is very crucial to let you know that if there is good governance in the state, the life and properties of the citizens will be safe and the citizens will enjoy social amenities such as good roads, adequate water supply, and stable electricity.

Good governance means processes and institutions produce results that meet the needs of society while making the best use of resources at their disposal. The concept of efficiency in the context of good governance also covers the sustainable use of natural resources and the protection of the environment.

However, we are practicing the democratic system of government, which was conceptualized as the government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Even though we are practicing this system of government, it is unfortunate that the people don’t have the chance to enjoy good governance which should bring good welfare to the citizens of this country.

To achieve good governance in Nigeria, there is a responsibility that we are expected to carry out as citizens.

The first thing is to vote for a leader that is honest and has the intention to serve the people. Let us resist voting leaders that will spread money in the election to embezzle our fund after he is elected.

Also, to achieve good governance in Nigeria, we need to vote for the government that is ready to provide employment opportunities for the citizens. The high rate of unemployment in Nigeria has resulted in hunger and starvation. This, also, increases the insecurity problem in the country since the government has failed to perform its duty as expected by providing job opportunities for the citizens.

Furthermore, education is said to be the way to achieve sustainable development in the country. To achieve good governance in the country, we need to vote for leaders who believe that the education of citizens is a right, not a privilege. We should vote for the government that gives priority to education. This is because our voter’s card is our instrument to achieve our aims and objective as a citizen of this country.

It is a disgrace for a so-called giant of Africa to still be battling with insecurity problems, ranging from kidnapping from bandit attacks, killing of citizens by Boko Haram, and stealing of citizens’ properties by armed robbers. It is a shame for the present government to witness how the citizens are being killed and kidnapped every day without taking any step.

It is our responsibility to vote for leaders that will protect the lives and properties of the citizens against internal and external aggression.

It is my humble advice for the government to become intentional about caring for the welfare of the citizenry because this is the good governance we are clamoring for. The government should also know that we youth made up this government and if there is no youth, there will be no government. The government should have a rethink and govern to achieve prosperity for the nation.

Nigeria will become a better country, by the grace of God.

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