Veteran Actor Kola Oyewo Shares News Of Battling Prostate Cancer

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Renowned actor and lecturer Kola Oyewo has bravely opened up about his fight against prostate cancer, inspiring many with his unwavering spirit and acceptance.

Oyewo’s journey began in 2019 with difficulty passing urine, leading him to seek medical attention. He received the challenging diagnosis of an enlarged prostate, marking the beginning of a two-year battle.

Kola Oyewo

The actor shared it with his wife, who had been battling a stroke since 2017. Despite their individual struggles, they embarked on the journey together.

Oyewo underwent multiple surgeries, prioritizing his health above all else. He even agreed to a procedure that would impact his sexual activity, stating, “I didn’t care about having sex anymore; all I cared about was getting better.

His recovery hasn’t been easy, but Oyewo remains grateful for life and his ability to manage his condition. He has also refused to seek public donations, choosing to rely on himself and his family.

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