Veteran Actor Uwaezuoke Reveals How He Was Rejected Because Of His Physical Appearance

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Veteran Nollywood actor Stephen Alajemba, fondly known as Uwaezuoke, opens up about facing rejection in his early years due to his physical and facial appearances. The seasoned actor disclosed these personal challenges in an exclusive interview with popular YouTuber, Yan Kontent Factory.

Uwaezuoke shared that his journey began with a difficult start, as his mother recounted instances where people rejected him as a baby for not meeting societal standards of attractiveness. Despite these early struggles, he made a heartfelt promise to his mother that he would make her proud, aiming to overcome the obstacles life presented.


During the interview, the thespian revealed that his facial features posed a significant challenge in forming romantic connections. He narrated, “Any lady who sees my facial look and stature runs away.” This led to a prolonged period of loneliness and rejection in his youth, as he struggled to attract a lover until the age of 20.

The actor’s determination to prove himself and fulfill the promise to his mother bore fruit when he found love at the age of 23. Uwaezuoke shared that he got married to his first love, emphasizing that she embraced him despite societal norms and perceptions.

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