(Video): Man, 20, drowns trying to swim across lake over a bet


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A video has emerged of the moment a 20-year-old African-American man,  J.W. Ransom II, plunged into a pond and drowned over a bet.

The incident occurred in the pond at the Cypress Lakes Apartment in Robinsonville, Tunica County, Mississippi on Saturday.

In the video shared on World Star HipHop, Ransom of Lambert, Mississippi can be seen with some friends who are goading him to take a plunge into the pond and swim across and back for $250.

One of the friends, whose face did not show in the video, can also be heard promising to come to his aid should he begin to drown.

He did not make it out alive.

Watch video below:

Ransom’s body was later recovered following an intense search of the pond by Tunica County Sheriff Deputies along with Pafford EMS and North Tunica Fire Department and Desoto County Search and Rescue Team.

He was pronounced dead by the coroner and his body was deposited at the Mississippi Crime Lab for an autopsy.

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Reports quoting the victim’s family say he was due to graduate from high school next month.

The Tunica County Sheriff’s office declared that the incident remained under investigation.


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  1. Skylar says

    Wow is all I can say! Please think for yourselves!

    1. Anonymous says

      Wat an idiot why go swim if u can’t swim, where do they find such idiots

      1. Anonymous says

        If you don’t have nothing positive to say don’t say nothing at all. Let it be you’re folks see if you say the same shit

        1. Bean says

          Bruh if it was my folks and they didn’t know how to swim I hope they wouldn’t jump in the water either.. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

      2. Anonymous says

        Exactly because you can clearly see that he couldn’t swim

      3. Angel says

        You really should stfu, nobody said he couldn’t swim he said it has been a minute since he swam ! You should do more research & get your facts before you speak on something

      4. Anonymous says

        He did know how to swim, there was a drop in the middle of the water dont speak on what you dont know clearly you haven’t seen the other videos

      5. Anonymous says

        Same reason you’re mammy didn’t swallow you ..fucking nut sack

      6. Anonymous says

        First of all dumb ass he could swim. How you think he made it that far to begin with

        1. Anonymous says

          If his friends didnt pull this stupid ass bet this young man would still be alive today.

        2. Anonymous says

          Sounds like this person knows this young man and the other. Instead of getting mad at everyone else you need to slap hell out of your friends for killing this young man.

      7. Anonymous says

        Why u calling people out they name think of the guy family fool.

      8. Anonymous says

        Dumbest comment I’ve read, it’s obvious he could swim. How about u go try it!!!

      9. Anonymous says

        Such a mean thing to say, that man lost his life. Plus talk what you know he could swim it was a 30ft drop which is what took him out.

      10. Ms.E says

        Even though He made a bad decision like we all do from time to time show some respect please.

      11. Anonymous says

        Kill yourself you jackass. He didn’t know how deep it got you insensitive fuck stick.

      12. Chrisy says

        Shut your dumb ass up. This boy lost his damn life and all you can call him is an idiot you stupid fool

      13. Anonymous says

        You are so stupid. This man lost his life and you have nothing good to say

      14. Anonymous says

        Awe shut up

      15. Anonymous says

        This is a very cruel comment, peer pressure will get you everytime, but no need for the hateful comment because a child still lost his life. Now his child will grow up without a father and his mother will no longer have her son. So think before you write a comment, this could have been your child, your niece, your nephew, your grandchild, or a close friend.

      16. Anonymous says

        But they should have saved him he’s not an idiot if that was your family you wouldn’t be saying this!

      17. Anonymous says

        He could swim. Smh

      18. Anonymous says

        Mane y’all talking shit and just no wtf happend from wtf yall seen.💯 dude could swim do think they would have made the bet knowing he couldn’t swim? NO🤦🏽‍♂️Like damn let this mane soul rest💯Even before this happend god knew how he wanted to take a true soilder💯No body harm and no suffering calm and sweet💯 LLJDUB#4🕊u gained your wings✊🏽🦍🕊

      19. Anonymous says

        Shut the fuck up idiot

  2. Anonymous says

    it’s very sad and my heart prayer’s go out the famlie’s and friend’s .i just wish he hadn’t of done it.me as a persons no matter what no one say I wouldn’t of done it.because why didn’t thay do it them self.and he was saying if I drown y’all come and save me.simeone said I’ll come and get u because I know how to swim.when it happen thay thought he was playing until it was to late.and no one jump in to help save him.all because a bet and he did it and cause’s his lift from his famlie and friend’s the sad part about it is that his famlie won’s see him finish school this a lesson to learn to eanyone don’t let no one talk u into doing thing’s that thay are not going to do.and u end up hurt.thay have there lift u don’t .it’s something to think about.who all was cheering him on god is not please with u all at all.if u thikl one time it’s k but it’s not look at his famliy and knowing what thay have to go threw not haveing him in there lift.how do y’all fill .have to see that pond ever time u pass it and think of him in it with one hand’s up for help.i don’t know how to swim and I don’t go.it’s praying time for y’all as well his famliy .praying for his famlie because y’all are worwer’s god got y’all threw this .

    1. MindYoMfnBusiness says

      You can stfu with your none spelling ass. Them boys be in the water all the time that was a freak accident and I wish people keep their opinions to themselves and let his family grieve, and take this shit down. Ok he swam over a bet they swim for free just to have fun. He can swim, he panicked, and the odds weren’t good. Rest easy on his soul & mind your fucking business.

      1. Anonymous says

        Sad everyone egged him on but no one helped to save him sad

      2. Anonymous says

        Man shut YO dumb ass up. You sound stupid af. People can say what the fuck they want. Just like you just did.

        1. Notmindingmybusiness says


        2. Anonymous says

          They all need to go to jail

      3. Anonymous says

        People can say what tf they want to say…!! Freak accident or not people should think for themselves and never allow nobody to talk them into doing anything…. Getting on here talking to people like that fucking peasant

      4. Notmindingmybusiness says

        You tell someone they need to mind their business when your not minding yours .smh ..The person who can’t spell gave their opinion same as you did .. My opinion they all sat and watched him drown no one jumped in to try to help save him after they encouraged him to swim across the pond.They all stood there with their phone in their hand recording. Smh. Rip Sorry for his families loss.

        1. Anonymous says

          Exactly! Everyone out there has that man blood on his hands !! Yes he thinks for himself but they’re literally promising him that if he started to drown that they would save him and nobody did shit !! If he was such a great swimmer he would have just jumped in with no question , no hesitation or anything . This was a terrible accident I believe but don’t try to justify people’s foolish actions

      5. Anonymous says

        It’s really sad but could have been avoided

      6. Anonymous says

        Mindyomfnbusiness this is directly to you. Your friends will be going to jail for murder and it’s on video and nothing you can do about it. Now that’s the business. RIP young man and the other ones it will hunt you for the rest if your life. Miss me with the they young BS they knew better

  3. Anonymous says


  4. Anonymous says

    Praying 🙏🏾 for his family!! This is a very sad situation!! I hate that this happened to this young man!!

  5. Anonymous says

    Yes but it’s no one fault he passed… y’all sound stupid as hell people make bets all the time.. they didn’t expect for that man to die specially not his brother… RIP young man!! I can see if they told him to jump off a bridge they told him to swim… and they prolly got scared too

    1. Anonymous says

      What are you serious why don’t you’ll find something educational to do. 250 dollars you could have spent that or paid a bill instead of endangering someone life. Really sick.

  6. Carol says

    I understand everyone’s opinion…. Here is mine… All those guys including his brother pressured that man into doing it. Calling him names and peer pressure is a bitch. Some handle it better than others. But at the end of the day that kid lost his life and the ones calling him pussy and scared ….were to scared to jump in to even help him. He shouldn’t have done it no…. But we don’t know his reasons for letting those guys basically bully him into it. I’m so sorry this happened and I pray for the family …this very sad and could have been prevented. When someone says no they don’t want to they should be respected and not bullied into it…

    1. Anonymous says

      This world is so corrupt other have no value for life it’s going to end I hope you are all ready for it someone will stand before God for this child life.

  7. Anonymous says

    When i saw the clipping of this young man and what had happened my heart went out to all involved. No doubt to the young man that drowned that young man had just been blessed with a newborn( beautiful lil girl) and its sad to say accident or not that man is gone and his child is fatherless now. No one knows why he truly jumped in that water maybe he needed that money because like someone said he thought about it numerous times before he actually did it. Only he truly knows and is not here to say. But to those who continously pressured and kept overly telling him to just jump if you start drowning ima jump in and all that fuckery yall had going on out there yall gon suffer everyday of yall lives. EVERYDAY!!! My heart goes out to the brother who ik cant sleep because from what i saw on that video he was the one with the money talking crazy shit to him. God forbid if someone that truly loved that young black man father and significant other of someone seek legal help to really really get to the bottom of this all parties invoved will go down. That video had alot said in it. The thing that really bothered me was when they knew there was a deep drop and they ALL waited and watched him swim all the way back there and then said something after they obviously knew and after it was to dam late. And for none of yall to jump in and help after yall told him yall would. Its very sad and disgusting. Ijs!!! This is very very sad and my condolences to his family.

  8. Anonymous says

    This is so sad, Sending my prayers to his family..

  9. Lyndia Rucker says

    R.i.p. praying for his family.

  10. Anonymous says

    Peer pressure is a MF !!!! RIP young man

  11. Anonymous says

    Y’all are crazy it was an accident bet or not and furthermore his friend did jump in yo save him he couldn’t find him it’s very sad and unfortunate

  12. Anonymous says

    Prayers for Friends and Family Members
    Rest In Heaven Baby Boy 😇😇😇🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
    Let Only GOD be The Judge and Jury.

  13. Trina says

    They should lock these mf up that record it as well

  14. Anonymous says

    They need to be charged for his murder,no one try to help sad

    1. Britt says

      Yes yes they need to go to jail they need to be charged with motor because peer pressure is a crime bullying is a crime

  15. Anonymous says

    We’ve all done dares with our friends at least once !! So don’t come judging him he wanted a car , 250$ he wasn’t thinking about drowning !!! My heart goes out to the family. 60 views wasn’t worth a life

    1. Anonymous says

      Rest in Heaven son but the money that they promise him give it his daughter because y’all promise him a car that was a stupid bet if you wanted to bet why not ask him to run are push up something like that instead of rushing roulette with his life why was nobody was on the other side just in case if something like this have happen y’all could have save him .The Guy on the truck was the ring leader calling him scared .Now I wonder how they fell they friend is gone be hind a dumb bet.

  16. Anonymous says

    People regardless of their age will be subject to peer pressure. There was no intention for this young beautiful life to end on this day; the anticipation was to cheer him on, celebrate his success and reward him his $250. He was caught up in the moment, everyone there who witnessed this tradgedy was caught up in the moment. Prayers for everyone involved. This is a hard moment in one’s life to handle, this is a harder moment in this young man’s family – one that will never let up til they meet again in the afterlife. Let the healing begin – show your support for everyone with kindness and understanding. xo

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