Video: monkey snatches 2-year-old boy in India, resists attempt to separate them

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A monkey snatched a little boy from his residence in India just because it wanted to play with him, and when it was cited, it tried to resist them from taking him away.

A passerby who witnessed the scene recorded the video of how the monkey made continuous attempts to play with the infant by a roadside. It went as far picking some dirt from the boy’s hair. When a woman approached them in a bid to retrieve the baby, the monkey, drew him closer and hugged the baby tightly to show he was not willing to let him go.

The video captured her saying, “From where did you get the baby, Let me take it home.”

Despite her  attempts to separate them, the monkey remained adamant .

Reports later revealed that the monkey kidnapped the baby from Haryana area in India.

The baby is thought to have been taken from a house in Haryana, India.

Occasions, when monkeys will snatch away babies from their homes, are not uncommon in India. Cases like that have been reported in the past.

See the video below

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