VIDEO: Teacher Body Slams A Student In Classroom Fight

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Revealing video footage shows the moment a teacher body slams a student onto a desk in the middle of the classroom.

The violent altercation took place after the student challenged the teacher by bumping into his chest.

In the dramatic 30 second clip the teacher can be seen standing at the front of the classroom that appears to be in the US, and aggressively pushing the pupil, inciting a bitter fist fight.

The student retaliates by swinging a punch at the teacher’s face.

The male teacher, wearing a blue shirt, then picks up the student, turns him upside-down, and viciously body slams him on a nearby desk.

The students at their desks yelp as they watched the scene unfold as two male pupils come forward to tear the two apart from each other as they continue to swing punches.

After the body slam the teacher continues to charge at the student as he clambers on the ground.

A student then holds the teacher, creating a human barrier between him and the punching student, who rises and punches the teacher yet again.

Other students can be heard screaming and crying out in shock.

The student is seen in the video charging at the teacher then punching him in the face

The teacher then picked up the student and turned him upside down to body slam himÂ

The student, in white, is seen sideways crashing on top of the desk after the body slam

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