VIDEO: White Kid Gets More Than He Bargained For After Trying To Bully Nigerian Kid

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A video depicting the beating a white bully got after trying to take on a Nigerian child has gone viral.

A Twitter user posted the clip online with the caption; A white boy trying to bully a Nigerian kid in High school….He don show am the meaning of…..Gidigbo eti Ebute…👊🏿🔥👊🏿

In the clip, the white boy seems to be calling the Nigerian names, the Nigerian then pushed the white boy lightly in the chest, in retaliation, the white boy punched the Nigerian kid who then unleashed a world of hurt against his adversary whom he went on to pummel.

At some point in the fight, the Nigerian kid even lifted the white boy ‘Gidigbo’ style into the air before slamming him into the ground and beat him up.

The issue of bullying is a widespread one all around the world, the case of Keaton Jones was a sad one. Some time last year, a video started doing the rounds which showed Keaton talking to someone (presumably his mother) about how he was getting bullied in school.

He talked about the names he was called and how people abused him because they thought him ugly.

The video went viral and a lot of people came out to support Keaton including celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Katy Perry.


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