Viral Video: Grow up! Watch How Tlolo Dimistified Davidodo


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Most of us that follow superstar Davido are aware of his temper and childish tantrums. But as of yesterday he came across his match not in matching childish tantrums but in conversing intelligently which basically showed his childish tantrums for what it was -stupid and unintelligent (emotionally at least)

Generally, body shaming somebody that has a different opinion from you rather than match them with your own differing opinion shows that you really aren’t as intelligent as you think you are.

There are many of Davido’s female fans standing with tlolo which goes to show that his female fans do not tolerate his temper tantrums.

See videos and posts to judge the case for yourself!

This is what Davido posted on his stories that later got deleted.

She replied him by answering him succinctly on her story.

The way people came for Davido made him delete his post from his IG story

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