Virgil Van Dijk Unveils Top Musical Picks, With Omah Lay’s ‘Holy Ghost’ Heading the List

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In an exclusive interview with the Carabao Cup media team, Liverpool’s formidable captain and defender, Virgil Van Dijk, opened up about his musical tastes, revealing a diverse playlist that prominently features Afrobeats. The Dutch football sensation, known for his stellar performances on the field, shared his top five favorite songs, offering fans a unique insight into the tunes that accompany his pre-match routine.

Virgil Van Djik

Van Dijk’s playlist showcases a blend of international hits, with a particular nod to Nigerian music. The first spot on his list is claimed by Omah Lay’s “Holy Ghost,” a track he describes as “Dope” and mood-enhancing. Following suit, classic hip-hop enters the mix with Mase’s “Feel So Good” and The Notorious B.I.G’s “Mo Money Mo Problems,” both contributing to the player’s upbeat vibe.

Expressing his affinity for Nigerian artists, Van Dijk stated, “The third one will be The Notorious B.I.G with ‘Mo Money Mo Problems.’ Nice vibes, you know what I mean? So, number four would be Asake with ‘Lonely At The Top.’ Nice one, nice vibes. The sun is shining. Hopefully, it will be nice. And my fifth one would be Rema with ‘Charm.’ Very nice.

The Liverpool captain emphasized the importance of positive energy and good vibes from his playlist, particularly during the crucial moments before a match. Van Dijk highlighted how the songs by Omah Lay, Rema, and Asake have become integral to his pre-game routine, setting the mood for success.

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