What Industry has Music had the Biggest Impact?


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Music is quite possibly one of the oldest forms of entertainment out there. Music is also known for having an impact on human behaviour, with the ability to influence mood, productivity, health and even expenditure. One industry that has been affected the most by music would be the gaming industry. Music helps people to get more into the game that they are playing and it also helps to provide a far more immersive experience overall. That being said, the casino industry specifically is known for using music to try and influence a player’s concentration. Concentration is essential when playing blackjack or poker, and there’s a good reason why.

Music Psychology

Music has been embraced very well when you look at the entertainment industry. This is especially the case when you look at the genres that are being played. One impact of music on those who gamble is that it influences their mood, and it also encourages them to focus more on the decisions that they are making. Music at casinos is often paired with colourful, bright LED lights and these flash over time. Some of the most popular music that casinos play would be jazz and rock and roll. It’s important to know that jazz is designed to provide a calm and relaxed mood and this is designed to set a conducive mood for those who are playing. If you look at the online casino NetBet, you will see that they have different music genres accompanying their games, from sound effects to background noises to snippets of songs by famous bands and composers. This again helps to provide a far more immersive experience, making every aspect of the game more enjoyable.

What Music is Loved by Gamers?

People who gamble in Sweden are often older and more mature. They don’t like fast-tempo music and therefore, a lot of the casinos there choose to play jazz. This gives them a nice and relaxed environment as most people tend to go in with a far more relaxed expenditure. When you look at more youthful casinos, on the other hand, you will see that they tend to be riskier when it comes to their gambling decisions and therefore prefer to listen to more fast-tempo music,

Competitive Gaming

When you look at competitive casino gambling, you will see that some players would much rather have no music at all. If music is requested or required then jazz is usually played as this helps to eliminate boredom and it helps to enhance concentration as well. Researchers have found that faster tempo music encourages people to make decisions faster and it also encourages them to take more risks, and this is why most competitive gamers request that this type of music is not played. This isn’t just the case in the casino industry either, it’s the case across nearly every type of competitive game, whether it is an MMORPG or a simple game of chess. This is very interesting, and many game developers will choose music specifically designed to evoke human emotion.



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