White Killer Cop Sentenced to 15 Years In Prison for Murder


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A day of victory for human rights movements across America as a white former police officer was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the murder of an African- American teenager in 2017.

The killer cop was convicted of murdering the 15 year old teenager when he shot into a moving vehicle filled with unarmed African-American teenagers as they were leaving a large house party in Dallas, Texas.

Former Police officer, Roy Oliver, was sentenced one day after being convicted in the 2017 death of Jordan Edwards and although his lawyers are expected to appeal, the conviction marks a turning point in race and law enforcements relations in America as it is extremely care to have murder convictions for shootings involving on-duty police officers.

Oliver, a former Balch Springs police officer had responded to reports of underage drinking alongside his partner in 2017. There, Oliver had fired into a car carrying Edwards and his friends, alleging that he felt the moving vehicle was a danger to his partner that required a violent response. His partner however told jurors he never believed his life was in danger.

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Oliver’s shots found their mark as it hit Edwards who was sitting in the front passenger seat of the moving vehicle.

According to Yahoo news, the Balch Springs police department had also initially alleged that the vehicle backed up toward officers in an aggressive manner, but later admitted that bodycam video showed the vehicle was moving forward as officers approached.

No weapons were discovered in the vehicle after the incident and Oliver was fired from the Balch Springs Police Department several days after the shooting incident.

As the verdict was being read, relatives of the deceased, Edwards’ family were visibly relieved and happy as gasps of surprise and elation echoed in the courtroom.

The victim’s family sobbed and hugged prosecutors as they waved their hands in the air and proclaimed “Thank you, Jesus!”

“I just want to say I’m happy, very happy,” said Odell Edwards father of the victim who confided to reporters he had not felt this happy in a long time.

Oliver was however acquitted on two lesser charges of aggravated assault as a direct fall-out from the shooting.

It is extremely rare to secure murder convictions against police officers who shoot and kill people while on duty.

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