White Man Confronts Black Woman, Says ‘I don’t feel Safe With You Driving Around’


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A black woman reported a white man to police after she said he followed her home Monday in their Massachusetts town.

Julia Santos, 21, said that while on her way home from picking up some free dog food in Groveland, Mass., she noticed a white guy in a BMW convertible turning around multiple times, “in an obvious effort to follow her,” local police noted in a press release.


Instead of turning onto her own street, which was less than a mile from the dog food pickup, Santos said she drove down a nearby side street.

After Santos confronted the man and told him she didn’t feel safe, the unidentified man broke out the blatant racism.

“I don’t feel safe with you driving around my neighborhood,” he said to Santos, as seen on a video she posted to Facebook.

So I just got followed home by this man! His name is Paul Birkhauser and he lives on 5 Juniper Terrace. Because I went to pick up dog food, he "didn't feel safe that I was in his neighboorhood." So he followed me home and tried to accuse me.If you know anything else about him, please let me know!

Posted by Julia Santos on Monday, June 29, 2020


Police have interviewed the man and have not charged him with a crime, according to the release. The cops also did not rule out criminal charges.

“I am deeply disturbed by this situation. The fact that a resident of our town could face accusation and be followed around like a criminal should make everyone stop in their tracks and consider how we treat one another,” Groveland police chief Jeffrey Gillen said.

In the past few years, numerous white people have been caught on camera treating black people doing average daily tasks as suspicious.

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