White people, able-bodied people, heterosexuals, Christians – Johns Hopkins DEI’s office comes under fire over ‘privilege’ list

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Dr. Sherita Hill Golden, Head of DEI, Johns Hopkins Medicine

An online storm is brewing over a “privilege” list compiled by Johns Hopkins Medicine’s Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Health Equity (DEI).

The list is contained in a January 2024 email sent to staff from the DEI’s office led by Chief Diversity Officer, Sherita Hill Golden, an African-American lady.

A screenshot of the email was shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, by @EndWokeness, an account dedicated to fighting wokeness.

Highlighting “privilege” as its “Diversity Word of the Month”, the office’s email defined privilege as an unearned advantage associated with certain social groups, such as race, gender, ability, and sexual orientation. It also suggests this privilege can be invisible to those possessing it.

“Privilege is an unearned benefit given to people who are in a specific social group.

“Privilege operates on personal, interpersonal, cultural and institutional levels, and it provides advantages and favors to members of dominant groups at the expense of members of other groups.

“In the United States, privilege is granted to people who have membership in one or more of these social identity groups: white people, able-bodied people, heterosexuals, cisgender people, males, Christians, middle or owning class people, middle-aged people, and English-speaking people.

“Privilege is characteristically invisible to people who have it,” the email partly reads.

However, the email has garnered mixed reactions online, with the majority of respondents criticizing the compiled list.

Supporters view it as a valuable exercise in raising awareness and promoting empathy for disadvantaged groups. They believe acknowledging privilege can open conversations about systemic inequities and pave the way for a more inclusive society.

However, critics expressed concerns about potential divisiveness.

Journalist, Doug Kreitling wrote, “The DEI Office, as are the majority of such offices, has self-identified as an ideology focused on Division, Exclusion, & Inequality. These can be boiled down to a propaganda of hate. John Hopkins was a Quaker. He would be ashamed.”

Frank DeScushin wrote, “Black female Chief Diversity Officers are more privileged than nearly everyone covered under that list. They’re paid far more than the average middle class person, and they have the privilege of being hired and treated above criticism because of their race and sex.”

@votefloridaman wrote, “Can’t help but laugh at “English speaking people”— what? So basically anyone who got through the 5th grade are privileged? They can’t be serious… 🤦‍♂️”

@RedWave_Press wrote, “DEI has no place in society. These people are getting paid a lot of money to be racist and discriminate against people. I’m fed up with it.”

Paul A. Szypula wrote, “Johns Hopkins University is proud to promote racism. They’re actually doing everyone a favor by being this blatant about it. Now people know not to send their kids there. This is the beauty of free speech — it allows evil people to expose themselves.”

Johns Hopkins Medicine’s DEI office has not yet publicly responded to the online discourse.

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