Who Is Richer, Davido Or Wizkid?

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The Nigerian music industry, not unlike the film industry, has grown exponentially in the last decade. Similar to the  Congolese music industry boom from the 60’s to 90’s however, with the advent of the internet and social media, musicians are making a lot more than their predecessors.’

Comparing musicians in Africa there is none two that get compared to each other as much as Wizkid and David. Both have a stream of accolades to their name and have built a fanbase that engulfs the globe.


The question still remains of who has a bigger net worth? Wizkid stated his music career at the age of 11 since then he garnered a list of sponsors, investors and become the brand ambassador for one or two blue chip companies. His net worth by the end of 2017 was estimated to be $12m according to TUKO News.


Davido on the other hand born in Atlanta before moving back to Lagos, although he did not start as young as Wizkid. TUKO news have estimated his net worth to be $16m due to deals with companies like MTN. He is also a co-owner of HKN Music.




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