Why I Came Back to Nigeria- Oby Ezekwesili

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A former Education minister Oby Ezekwesili said she came back to Nigeria to fix the nation.

Ezekwesili has been a huge advocate for the #BringBackOurGirls initiative and has been present at every march and other activity by the group.

Speaking at the launch of the Red Card Movement in Lagos, she said she was looking to fix the economic issues in the country and help with due process.

“I came back to come and do what became known as ‘due process’ to ensure that we get value for the money spent in the country. Before I came, ministers were of the act of giving money out anyhow but when I came in, I ensured it was stopped,” she said.

She also expressed confidence that Nigeria could do as well as other developed nations if only she was well governed

“I want a Nigeria that is governed well, a Nigeria that will overtake Singapore. A Nigeria where I can sit back and watch Nigerian children conquer the world; that’s the Nigeria I am fighting for.” she said.

Responding to critics who have accused her of only getting involved in advocacy for personal gain and notoriety, Ezekwesili said

“I have been fighting against poor governance for long, I was involved in the fight against military and led concerned professionals that were advocating for good governance in this country even against the military dictator, Abacha.”

“If I am looking for something, I would have got it or stole when I was in government; I am not looking for anything, so anybody that is saying I am fighting so I can be given position. I don’t need anything from anybody that would make me act.”

She stated that she had been in government long enough to enrich herself if that had been her aim.

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