Why I don’t believe in charity – Seun Kuti

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Grammy-nominated Afro beat star, Seun Kuti has said he does not believe in charity as a means of helping the poor and downtrodden in society.

He explained that charity perpetuates the culture of oppression and is unsustainable.

Seun, the son of legendary musician Fela Kuti, disclosed this in an interview published by Saturday Sun.

He added that systemic change would better improve the condition of the poor rather than charity.

Asked if he has been reaching out to the poor in light of COVID-19-induced hardship, Kuti said, “I don’t believe in charity, I don’t believe in giving handouts.

“I take care of people around me. I make sure that the welfare of people close to me is fine. I am active in my community but I will not go to the extent of describing it as charity, this is something I consistently do not do in terms of thinking ‘oh, I am helping people’, no! I engage my community.

“I try to develop my community as much as I can, and developing your community is not by building or doing business. It is also by developing the people, making sure that young people that have dreams in a country that stifles their potential, are able to find a source of inspiration or assistance in reaching that goal. That is important.

“I will not come out and say, I reach out to the downtrodden, that is not my style.

“I feel charity is what sustains oppression. Those that benefit or are able to secure their own comfort within oppression and are okay with the situation, continue to pacify those that should be enriched because they are not getting anything from the system.

“So, we are happy to see grown men lining up for N100, packs of rice and things like that. Where is the dignity in such a life especially when we know we cannot even sustain it?

“There are over 100 million Nigerians living in abject poverty. How much charity can we do? We need systemic change not charity.”

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