Why i Dumped PDP- Mimiko

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A former governor of Ondo state, Segun Mimiko has spoken out regarding his time in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and why he left the party

Mimiko had dumped PDP for the Labour Party (LP) and he said his reason for this is that he felt there was a need to ‘focus on the ideological content of the Nigerian political firmament.’

Speaking after obtaining the LP card at his ward in Ondo town,he said that there was a need for there to be a more egalitarian society.

He said; “We have come with the conviction, consequent upon several years of practical involvement in the nation’s political process, that the need for ideologically focused political engagement is now more pressing than ever before.

“Virtually all the existing political parties in Nigeria today belong to the right of the centre, ensconced as it were in a neo-liberal mental construct, the name or mantra they choose to enrobe themselves in notwithstanding.

“This is evident not in terms of the pretentious claims they make to ideological purity, but in the way and manner, they have used power; including the extent to which they have mainstreamed the interest and welfare of the weak and poor in our society.

“This ideological fluidity, within which the nation’s extant democracy has evolved since 1999, deserves now to be fully interrogated, with a view to engendering a transition to a more ideologically defined system of engagement.”


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