Why I’m finding it hard to relocate my son abroad – Actress Angela Okorie

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Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie has revealed her fear of sending her son abroad for schooling.

She made the revelation as a guest on OAP Nedu’s podcast, The Honest Bunch.

Okorie disclosed that in schools abroad, children are taught to understand that they have the right and choice to be whatever gender they choose to be; telling a man how okay it is to want to live like a woman.

The actress said she did not want her son to be exposed to that kind of environment.

She said:

And my major fear, and that’s the reason it was so hard for me to relocate my son abroad, is because of what they’re teaching children.

In schools abroad right now, they’re teaching kids how to be homo. They’re teaching them a lot of things. You’re a man and you can actually live like a woman and change the other side and become a girl.

They’re teaching them a lot of things that I don’t want my son to learn and I don’t want my son to be.

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