Why iRokoTV CEO Jason Njoku and His Wife Will Never Settle in Europe

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Earlier today, Jason Njoku, the co-founder and CEO of iRokoTV, shared his experience of racial profiling in Europe.

He responded to a Twitter user’s comment about being racially profiled and disclosed that he would never live in Europe again.

Njoku and his wife, Mary Remmy Njoku, flew to Venice, Italy in March, where they were stopped at immigration and asked for their return tickets. The immigration officers probed them as hustlers and racially judged them, which made them feel uncomfortable.

iRokoTV CEO Jason Njoku

Njoku said that immigration officers did not ask them how long they would stay, but rather for their return tickets. They only let them go after he stated that they were staying at St Regis, an exquisite hotel in Venice, and were there for three nights.

iRokoTV CEO Jason Njoku

He concluded that he would never live in Europe again, emphasizing the need for a strong Nigeria. He tweeted, “Walahi I personally can NEVER live in Europe again. ⛔️. We just need a strong 🇳🇬. But we all know it’s increasingly getting worst.

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