Why Nigerian Youth Must Stop Watching Western Movies – Cleric

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A Nigerian pastor has advised Christians against viewing of western movies stating that it adds no value to their lives.

The Nigerian cleric and President of Arewa Christian and Indigenous Pastors’ Association, Jos, Plateaus State, Rev. Luke Shehu, urged Nigerian youth to stop watching western movies during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Wednesday in Abuja.

Backing his call up, the cleric noted that the association was planning to go into movie production to help add value to Christian youths in the country.

He further added that western movies are capable of corrupting the minds of Nigerian youth.

He said: “Most of these western movies are full of imm0ral acts that would not add anything good to their lives.

“We hope to go into Christian movie production and we hope this will help add value to our growing youths who have hot taste for western movies.

“We want them to stop watching movies that do not add value, but full of immoralities.”

He further condemned some Nigerian movies which have tried to imitate western movies adding that they “do not add Christian values to our youths.”

He added: “We hope to have a film that will project the image, the culture and the heritage of these tribal Christians.”

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