Why The Weeknd Paid $7 million To Perform At The Superbowl

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The Weeknd ticked another milestone in his career with his Super Bowl appearance which he reportedly spent $7 million of his own money to perform.

The Weeknd offered to contribute $7 million of his own money for for his performance to make the halftime show be what he envisioned.

This amount is in addition to $10 million that was already put into the show by the sports organization.

Following his performance 12 hours later, his songs are topping the charts.

Joe Pompliano tweeted: “This morning, less than 12 hours after the Super Bowl ended, his music already represented 8 out of the top 10 trending songs on Spotify.

“Simply put, that’s what one of the greatest promotional events in the world will do for you.

“While the increased streaming exposure & social following is great, The Weeknd will see most of his financial benefit on future tours.

“Data from ticketing platforms like Stubhub tells us that concert ticket searches usually jump 50% for halftime acts following the Super Bowl.”

He added: “The biggest issue for The Weeknd?

“He has a 66 show tour across North America & Europe starting in 10 months, but with COVID-19 still impacting live events, who knows if that will happen.

“If not, given his last tour grossed $100M, The Weeknd will miss out on a massive payday.

“In the end, the ROI of this $7M performance will heavily depend on The Weeknd’s ability to tour within the next 12 months.

“On that front, only time will tell. Regardless, you have to respect someone betting on themselves to the tune of $7M. That part, I love.”

Super Bowl is the most awaited event, second close to only Olympics, with roughly 103 million viewers tuning in to watch it each year.

More than 100 million people tune in to the Super Bowl via traditional television and streaming services combined. That’s a bigger set of eyeballs than a musician will get in any other concert. Despite just 13 minutes on stage, it’s enough time to provide a huge rocket boost for a career.

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As a matter of fact, all the star performers of the halftime show till now have been doing the show for free over the years. While speaking with Forbes in 2016, the spokesperson of NFL Joanna Hunter admitted that the organisation only covers the expenses for the production but does not pay the artists. That is because what the artists get in return is much more than any amount the NFL would have paid them.

With so many people tuning in to watch the show, the artists get tremendous exposure and a chance to promote their albums. According to Spotify, JLo’s streams went up by 335% after her last year’s performance with Shakira whereas Justin Timberlake’s sales reached 534% after his larger-than-life performance in 2018.


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