Wife Arrested For Murdering Husband After Police Find Google Search History

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An American Woman, Sandra Louise Garner, who murdered her husband has been caught after a detectives investigated her Google search results from a few days before she murdered her partner.

Mrs. Garner who is 55 years old and from Maypearl, Texas was arrested on January 10th. Her husband was murdered on January 2nd, just a few days after Mrs. Garner searched for “how to kill someone and not get caught” on Google.

Boyd Norton the Police Chief stated that John Garner the husband was killed by a bullet wound. The suspect’s cover story was that intruders had broken into their house and told her he had a dispute with her husband before shooting him.

She also lied that the ‘intruder’ had stolen $18,000 from the family safe after forcing her to open it.

The Maypearl Police Department however in a statement two days after her husband’s death on January 4th wrote on Facebook:

“We have reason to believe that the shooting was NOT a stranger on stranger’ home invasion.”

Detectives seized her laptop after discovering a pillowcase with a bullet hidden inside. Police furthermore found a gun in a Ford Mustang parked near the house and ballistics showed the bullet found in the pillowcase belonged to the gun found in the car.

Mrs. Garner has been put in Ellis County Jail with a bail of $2m.

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