Windstorm causes havoc in Lagos state secretariat Alausa


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A Windstorm that hit in the early hours of Friday has wrecked havoc at the Lagos State Government Secretariat, Alausa and in some parts of Lagos, destroying a house in Ijegun.

The heavy windstorm was followed by heavy rainfall around 1:15 am affected some parts of the rooftop of the Ministry of Health, Block 4 Alausa.

The wind blew off the rooftop of the left-wing of the 6th floor of the building while other parts of the building were not affected.

From the looks of it, it was extremely fortunate that it wasn’t during working hours as people would surely have lost lives. Government staff were thanking God that the incident did not occur during working hours as they knew what that could have meant.

Large chunks of the rooftop of the six-storey building housing the Ministry of Information and Strategy and the Ministry of Health was blown off by the frenzy wind and carried off to the Staff Canteen.

The blown off roof-top was deposited on the popular side of the canteen where many civil servants had their meals.

Vital documents were destroyed by the heavy rainfall at the sixth floor of the building as water gushed in destroying all in its path.

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