Woli Arole Attributes Church Invitations to Respectful Comedy

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Renowned content creator, Bayegun Oluwatoyin, popularly known as Woli Arole, has shed light on the reason behind his consistent invitations to churches for performances. Speaking as a guest on Channels Television’s The Morning Brief on Monday, Woli Arole attributed his widespread acceptance in religious circles to his commitment to not overstepping boundaries as a comedian.

Woli Arole

The comedian expressed that one of the challenges faced by religious individuals when inviting comedians to church programs is the fear that some comedians may not be sensitive enough to avoid certain jokes that could be deemed disrespectful. In addressing this concern, Woli Arole emphasized his conscious effort to maintain a respectful approach in his comedy.

I don’t do mockery; you can check all my content. I don’t blaspheme. God is sacred, our faith is sacred. In fact, I feel all faiths are sacred, Islamists, traditionalists, so there are boundaries you must not cross,” Woli Arole stated during the interview.

Highlighting his commitment to positivity and sensitivity in his comedic content, Woli Arole explained his pre-performance rituals, including prayer, especially before appearing in church settings. He emphasized the importance of avoiding certain subjects and jokes that could be considered disrespectful to the sacred nature of faith.

These things are sacred, and I think that is where faith people have an issue with people that are content creators and are coming to the church,” he added.

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