Woman Dies After Contracting COVID-19 From Lung Transplant


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According to reports, a Michigan woman has died from Covid-19 after receiving lung transplant surgery.

The first confirmed case of COVID-19 passing between people via the medium of organ transplants was reported in the The American Journal of Transplantation earlier this month.

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According to that report, the lungs were donated from the victim of a car crash. The late donor tested negative for COVID-19 and a radiograph of her chest showed no signs of coronavirus infection. After the transplant recipient took a turn for the worse, doctors confirmed that the woman and her surgeon had been infected by the donated organs.

“We want the transplant community to be aware that this can happen, and also that there may be things we can do to improve our success in screening patients for Covid,” surgeon Dr. Jules Lin, who authored the report and transplanted the lung into the patient in question,  told the New York Times.


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