Woman Hatches Ducklings From Eggs Bought From a Supermarket

Tony Abu Momoh
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A British woman hatched three ducklings from eggs she bought from. A supermarket according to a report by CNN.

Charli Lello 29, decided to incubate three clarence duck eggs she bought from the waitrose supermarket chain.

She said she made the decision after losing her job as an assistant retail manager due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking on how she got the idea, she said;

I got the idea from a video that popped up on my Facebook feed of someone hatching quail eggs.”

That was my original plan but whilst I was in Waitrose I saw the duck eggs and thought they might work too. Mum and I had briefly spoken about getting some ducks after lockdown anyway.

“Part of me thought it would never work, none of the quail eggs developed but after 6 days in the incubator I checked the duck eggs and could see veins and a very tiny wiggly embryo. Then the excitement kicked in.”

She said she plans to keep the Ducklings in her apartment till they are fully feathered stating that getting supermarket eggs than can actually hatch is rare.

She named the ducklings Beep, Peep and Meep.

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