Woman’s Prayer for Her Husband’s Side Chick goes Viral, See what she said

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In this day and age it is not uncommon to find wives confronting their husband’s side chick usually leading to dramatic and often gory engagements.

However, what is more uncommon is the wife of the cheating husband praying for and declaring blessings into the life of the very woman that is cheating with her husband.

This is the awkward situation the world and social media had to witness when a woman named Atinuke took to Joro Olumofin’s instagram post to pray for her husband side chick.

In the message posted by the blogger, she said “I want to take this opportunity to wish my husband’s side chick a happy birthday, she follows you, I will text her when you post. I know you will conceal her handle so no need.

“God bless you immensely, thank you for making my husband happy. Thank you for making work harder because he has to take care of you and me.”

“You motivate me to be a better woman, when I see your pictures on IG, I’m like; girl yi ma slay ke, let me slay too. I have come to realize that you are not going to leave my husband alone and he’s not going to leave you. so let’s be happy.”

“God will give you long life, good health, more designer bags, shoes, private trips and skin products.”

“I welcome your children into the family if you plan to. Today you are 29, my living God will grant you more years. Be happy and also make my husband happy.”

Love Atinuke.

See the photo below.

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