Women Don’t Find Me Attractive Because Of My Pot-Belly – Gbenga Adeyinka

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Renowned comedian, Gbenga Adeyinka, who was recently spotted at the unveiling of Stellon Solution, revealed that his pot-belly and old age are reasons ladies don’t ‘chase’ him.

The self acclaimed Comedian of the Federal Republic, said that as a result ladies don’t find him attractive anymore.

“Some of us who are pot-bellied and ‘old’ don’t have the pleasure of being chased by women anymore. We have left it for the younger ones. Women don’t chase me anymore; they know this big belly wouldn’t let me run” he said.

However, Adeyinka disclosed that although women don’t take comedians seriously, his wife takes him serious.

“I don’t know if women don’t take comedians serious but my wife takes me serious, especially when I want to pay school fees.”

When asked if he feels threatened by the emergence of new comedians from the younger generation, he said,

“There is no competition. I do not feel threatened by the younger ones. Who is there to threaten me? I still work about four times a week. I am not threatened by anybody. If anything, I am grooming younger ones so that I can relax and do more expensive and fewer jobs.”

He added that it is only a nitwit that would envy the growth of the younger generation

“I think it is a stupid old person that would be envious of the young ones making it because before we made it, some people were making it. I do not believe that the younger ones are doing better than the older ones. I know that I am still doing as well as anyone in the industry, but our prayer is for the younger ones to grow. If we pray to grow and the industry dies, in 30 years time, nobody will remember our names. It is good as the young ones are growing but then the growth of the young ones does not kill the older ones. The older ones like me are consolidated. We are doing bigger things that will even help the younger ones.”

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