‘Women should be Entitled to 70% of their Husbands wealth After a Divorce’ – Joro

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Joro Olumofin, a well known relationship expert took to social media to share his views on how much a wife should collect from her husband after a divorce.

Joro believed that a married woman is entitled to 70% of her Husbands wealth after a divorce, as this would help curtail the issue of cheating husbands and reduce the high level of infidelity carried out by married men.

Joro wrote,“It’s so sad. Nigerian wives are suffering every day because there are no stringent consequences to Infidelity in a marriage. Perfidy and Lewdness is in the DNA of 85% of Nigerian men because having more than 1 girlfriend is a sign of success and good health. The victims of these behaviors are Nigerian wives who look on in destitute as their husbands break their vows on a daily basis without any consequences.

The Nigerian Courts should enforce a “70% – 30%” Law in the case of infidelity by a Husband. 70% of assets go to a wife if her husband cheats. This will secure the future of women after a divorce and reduce duplicity by men in marriages”.

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