GRAPHIC PHOTOS: Alleged Yahoo Boy Commits Suicide

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A young man from Ughelli, Delta state committed suicide in one of the most gruesome of ways

While people with suicidal tendencies cut themselves or hang themselves or overdose on pills, this particular individual repeatedly stabbed himself with a broken bottle taking his life in the process.


According to online reports, the boy identified as Mukoro Ovie Rex was a yahoo boy who operated out of the state.


The motive for his suicide is still unknown but it is speculated that the spiritual contract in which he entered into was breached somehow and the attendant consequence led to his death.


According to messages shared by social media users, the young man, named Mukoro Ovie Rex, used a broken bottle to stab himself multiple times and refused to be stopped by concerned observers. As people tried to hold him to prevent him from inflicting further injuries on himself, he only intensified his efforts.


He was reported to have stabbed himself multiple times, unconcerned with the harm he was bringing on himself and to the concern shown by bystanders.


When police arrived on the scene, he was said to have slit his throat, definitively killing himself.

There are some distressing photos shared all over social media showing the victim with a lot of lost blood.


You can see the pictures below

 Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3




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